“There are no limits or inhibitions here.”, an interview with Dr. P.S. Nair

“There are no limits or inhibitions here.”, an interview with Dr. P.S. Nair

Dr. P.S. Nair was part of the team that built India’s first ever satellite, Aryabhatta, way back in 1975. Since then, he has helped shape ISRO’s space sojourn. At TeamIndus, he’s using his vast experience to help our engineers get the Spacecraft and rover mission-ready. Edited excerpts.

On becoming a part of TeamIndus
I came to know about TeamIndus through common friends who were already encouraging the team. I am keen to push the advancement of space technology in India, particularly outside ISRO. I thought this would be a very good opportunity to encourage, handhold, and help build a private space technology company. Three years ago, I joined the team part-time. Later, I realised this project needed that I work on it full time. My motivation was to help a very brave and courageous startup in space technology, to help something build something good for national interest.

On working with a very young team at TeamIndus
I’m working very closely with structures and mechanisms team, with the engineers on the spacecraft and rover structures. The team is all freshers. They have a lot to learn but they’re putting in a very sincere effort. I’m trying my best to help them learn on their own, while handholding wherever necessary. We interact very closely, whether day or night, in office or at home. There are no limits or inhibitions here. 

On his time in ISRO
I had done my PhD in IISc and joined ISRO as a campus recruit. The Aryabhatta satellite was my first project. It was really thrilling to build a satellite for the first time in the country. I had studied to be a structural engineer but I hadn’t translated it to satellites, so I understand how these kids (at TeamIndus) feel! We did everything ourselves, including writing code. All our time – days, nights, Saturdays, Sundays – went into this work. I was like a devil possessed!

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