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Armchair Rocketeers League #TeamIndus

Armchair Rocketeers League #TeamIndus“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”
~ LupitaNyong’o, best supporting actress, Oscars 2014, for 12 Years a Slave

Steven Spielberg created a Space Renaissance, some say. Like the original Renaissance movement, it replicated the domino effect – ideas and innovations crashed into each other, added to each other and created a spectacular, final force that ended in stunning, path-breaking creation.

But that was fiction. This, people, is the REAL THING. Make no mistake. This is about guts and glory, in real time and in the real world.

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Finalist for the Landing System Milestone Prize & the Imaging Subsystem Milestone Prize!

Google Lunar XPRIZE announces Team Indus as Milestone Prize finalist

— Only Indian team in unprecedented USD30 million aerospace prize –

 Milestone Finalist

New Delhi: In what can be seen as a resounding endorsement of India’s rich promise in aerospace engineering and research, Team Indus, an aerospace start-up based out of Bangalore, has been named as one of the shortlisted teams for Milestone Prizes by Google Lunar XPRIZE, which today announced the five international teams selected as finalists for Milestone Prizes, with a total prize purse of US$ 6 million to be awarded this year.


The Google Lunar XPRIZE is an unprecedented competition to challenge and inspire engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods of space exploration. To win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a privately funded team must successfully land a robotic vehicle on the moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high-definition video and images back to Earth.

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MOM completes 100 days

Continued from “Red Alert! India Goes to Mars! – Part 1“….

india goes to mars 03


And these are only the physical requirements. You also need to figure out the path that the spacecraft must take from Earth to Mars. This is not just a matter of aiming the spacecraft in the general direction of the Red Planet. Like the Earth, Mars also revolves around the sun, so the challenge is to get one moving object (the spacecraft) away from another moving object (Earth) in such a way as to meet a third moving object (Mars) in the most efficient manner possible, through space that is so immense that there’s a very real chance that your spacecraft can get lost. So velocity is important (velocity is not the same as speed; it’s the speed at which something moves away from its original position in a particular direction), and so is timing. Neither can be off, everything must be completely precise.

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Lunar Rover Challenge: What, Who and How!


Coordinators of Shaastra at IIT Chennai, put together a fantastic arena within the open air theatre of the institute campus, displaying an amazing selection of topography and artefacts. In fact, Iron Man himself paid a visit to check out some of the lunar artefacts!
Engineering students from across India assembled to answer the Lunar Rover Challenge 2014. And they were a pretty smart bunch — most of them moved away from the conventional Zigbee-based telecommunication to a wi-fi based one. Some even hacked their way through radio controllers and FPV systems, while concentrating on the terrain traversal capabilities of their Rovers.

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TeamIndus @2013 – Aspire, Believe, Create

TeamIndus @2013 – Aspire, Believe, CreateThis is getting bigger and better as we get closer to take-off, albeit with some hiccups as we try to decipher the workings of million-dollar aerospace missions. By hiccups we mean this: By the end of 2013, our team had more than tripled in size, mainly because our unplanned work kind of went through the roof, and we scrambled to get a larger army in after an entourage of experts reviewed our design and mission strategies – not very positively, I fear.

But we jumped back and up – got our numbers in order, rejigged the engineering and eventually managed to get the improved version off the drawing board before the year shut shop!

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Counting down to LRC-2014 @Sponsored by Sasken


Lunar Rover Challenge-2014

An event sponsored by Sasken Communications and co-hosted by Team Indus & Shaastra-2014 to look for the great hackers who can pull off a planetary rover within the limited time & resources. This event is a fantastic opportunity for Team Indus to crowd source talent & ideas from all over India.

Event format
Lunar Rover Challenge, LRC for short, is being conducted in two rounds. The first round was a design presentation round where teams from various colleges presented their designs to a panel of judges. Teams were shortlisted based on these presentations and the selected teams moved onto the Prototype demonstration round.

In this round scheduled for 4th January 2014, the teams are required to demonstrate their prototypes and race them against competing teams.

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Red Alert! India goes to Mars! – Part 1

Do you know or remember what it is to love your job? To be involved in it with such passion that your workplace becomes the place where you live, that every fibre of your being is focused on one thing and one thing alone — that the job is done and done perfectly?

If you don’t know how this feels, here’s a suggestion: Take a trip to Bengaluru. Lurk outside one of the several workplaces staffed by scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). (Do this discreetly; the security personnel are not very fond of unauthorised lurkers.) Then look at the way they walk: Straight backs. Heads high. Filled with purpose. And then go back to your own workplace, inspired.

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Tech fixes, reviews, #Trained4Space @2013-Q3

A quarter that had us rushing to plug the gaps in our design – Systems & Mission. And then we started identifying partners, suppliers – including a prototyping partner @BLR.

We conducted 3 technical reviews with independent panels this quarter, hoping the next one will be with the folks whose launch vehicle we plan to use for our mission.

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