Fostering Open Innovation @SpaceApps

Fostering Open Innovation @SpaceApps

Fostering Open Innovation @SpaceAppsAt a time when the whole world speaks of innovation, have we understood what innovation truly means. If necessity is the mother of invention, then failure must be the father of innovation . When an organization such as NASA introspected as to what innovation meant to them, they found that innovation arose from improvements in specific technologies but the real challenge lay in repeating them. In an industry such as aerospace where projects are executed on a string of definite management practices and guidelines, success is still uncertain. Innovation, given a chance, thrives in such times and lends solutions. To quote directly from the International Space Apps Challenge website, “Innovation is bottom-up, decentralized and unpredictable. True innovation necessitates failure. The more you experiment, the more you fail, the more you learn. Small technologies and initial development deserve innovative process and the opportunity for failure.”

Team Indus is proud to be associated with open.NASA in organizing the International Space Apps Challenge event at New Delhi & Bangalore on April 20-21.

More details, coming soon, stay tuned to TI blog updates.

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