Create, Synch, Visualize, Explore @SpaceApps

Create, Synch, Visualize, Explore @SpaceApps


spaceapps-cover-e1364087307259The International Space Apps Challenge is an initiative by NASA and other partner space agencies, to throw open the opportunity of solving some of the most key issues in the realms of space exploration and social need, to citizens around the world who show the vision and power to bring a change. Crowdsourcing has never been so big, and never has had a better definition. We at Team Indus, share the same ideologies for incorporating innovation and believe that the International Space Apps Challenge will allow the bright and inquisitive citizens of India to participate in this global forum and make a difference.

Designed as a 48-hour marathon, it gives just the sufficient amount of time to come up with a solution and implement it. It is not just a coding exercise, open hardware, data visualization techniques and citizen science solution platforms can also be developed. The best part of the event is that anyone can participate – engineers, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, students who possess the will to use their minds to change the world can participate successfully. So, if you’re willing to help out a poultry farmer to mange his backyard or to help develop a platform track a meteor using current tech, drop by on the 20-21st weekend and let your imagiantion take over.

If you are in and around Delhi go ahead and register for our location –
Folks in and around Bangalore go ahead and register at –

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