Landing it Like Philae

"Has great things ever been done, smoothly?" -Swami Vivekananda Twitter didn't exist and facebook has just born when she was  launched  …. She went into the unknown....

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Team Indus PDR

Team Indus PDR

  We were visited by a battery of ISRO/ex-ISRO scientists this weekend. The squad included Dr. K Kasturirangan, ex-chairman, ISRO, Dr. N. Vedachalam, ex-Director of Liquid...

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MOM completes 100 days

Continued from “Red Alert! India Goes to Mars! – Part 1“….

india goes to mars 03


And these are only the physical requirements. You also need to figure out the path that the spacecraft must take from Earth to Mars. This is not just a matter of aiming the spacecraft in the general direction of the Red Planet. Like the Earth, Mars also revolves around the sun, so the challenge is to get one moving object (the spacecraft) away from another moving object (Earth) in such a way as to meet a third moving object (Mars) in the most efficient manner possible, through space that is so immense that there’s a very real chance that your spacecraft can get lost. So velocity is important (velocity is not the same as speed; it’s the speed at which something moves away from its original position in a particular direction), and so is timing. Neither can be off, everything must be completely precise.

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Red Alert! India goes to Mars! – Part 1

Do you know or remember what it is to love your job? To be involved in it with such passion that your workplace becomes the place where you live, that every fibre of your being is focused on one thing and one thing alone — that the job is done and done perfectly?

If you don’t know how this feels, here’s a suggestion: Take a trip to Bengaluru. Lurk outside one of the several workplaces staffed by scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). (Do this discreetly; the security personnel are not very fond of unauthorised lurkers.) Then look at the way they walk: Straight backs. Heads high. Filled with purpose. And then go back to your own workplace, inspired.

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A BIG quarter @TeamIndus


Rounding up a really BIG quarter with the GLXP team summit @Santiago, Chile – special thanks to our gracious host Team Angelicvm. Other than Astrobotic, most of the teams appear to be at a similar level of preparedness – happy to still have a shot at the big one :))

We managed to get the word out these past few months, and were written about a few times, some interesting reads for those you may have missed out earlier – Economic Times, First Post, Sunday Guardian, Silicon India.

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