App Gyaan @Space Apps #OpenCollaboration

App Gyaan @Space Apps #OpenCollaboration

Google SkyMap

As we come closer to the Space Apps challenge, we’d like to share what we think are some of the most awesome space apps on the market currently. This week we take a look at some general space apps, from astronomy to satellite tracking. And we’re slightly Android biased, please excuse that. :p

1. Google SkyMap
One of the most popular apps, a must for any astronomy buff. Developed by Google on an open platform, Sky Map uses GPS and network data to find out location and helps navigate and identify stars and constellations in the current night sky. A very simple and easy to use interface, you don’t need to memorize a star chart –

2. DroidSat
A real time satellite tracker, if you’re a pro- satellite hunter/HAM radio freak, like some of us, this app is highly recommended. We love it for its pure utility, satellite ephemeris data is sourced from, and Mike McCants’ websites. Alternatively, you can load own TLE files. Don’t miss those Iridium sat flares!

3. NASA App
The official NASA app is a comprehensive mobile app, with a gamut of information which will keep you abreast of all latest NASA missions-related news and updates.

4. Moon Phase Pro
A great app for lunar phase information with location-based moon data and has some very pretty animations to get the info across. If you know you want to spot craters well, phases let you know if they are illuminated well.

5. Galaxy Zoo
A great ‘citizen science’ app, uses imagery from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope archive and asks users to classify galaxies according to their appearance by asking simple questions.Simple & elegant science.

Next week, we take a look at some of the most awesome NASA developed apps! Stay tuned to TI blog updates.

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