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Landing it Like Philae

"Has great things ever been done, smoothly?" -Swami Vivekananda Twitter didn't exist and facebook has just born when she was  launched  …. She went into the unknown....

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Team Indus PDR

Team Indus PDR

  We were visited by a battery of ISRO/ex-ISRO scientists this weekend. The squad included Dr. K Kasturirangan, ex-chairman, ISRO, Dr. N. Vedachalam, ex-Director of Liquid...

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Culture @TeamIndus

Culture at Team Indus

There are very few start-ups in the world which start with a Moon Mission.  And there is Team Indus.  Like every mission we have seen on innumerable episodes of Star Trek, this team relies on its experts, team members, advisory board, leadership and ingenuity to deliver the result.  We are an eclectic mix of youth and experience, drawn together on an exciting mission.  Our team of passionate youngsters – some straight out of campus, are ably supported by veteran scientists. We are a young, passionate, highly motivated, self driven growing team, which will stop nothing short of the Moon! To continue this spirit, my mission within this team is to build systems and processes to sustain what we stand for – Aspire.Believe.Create.

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Winds of Change!

Winds of ChangeWinds of change and frentic activity in India over the past few weeks, change is in the air and change is always welcome. Updates from the last several weeks here:

1. Mission Feasibility analysis of our case is nearing completion at Antrix
2. All data, info submitted was co-ordinated with the capabilities of the launch vehicle, so, PSLV-XL to 55,000km initial oribit it is going to be!

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Recruiting great talent #ArmchairRocketeers

Recruiting great talent #ArmchairRocketeers@TeamIndus we started Armchair Rocketeers League to identify, recognize and reward talent – and at some point have this talent help Team Indus solve some of its own “mathemtical problem statements”. As an idea-sourcing initiative, this is to a great extent a fresh way of reaching out to great, hidden talent, especially in India.

In the absence of a large media campaign we have let those who look out for such initiatives come to our Facebook page and learn more about this, while secretly wishing this go viral. We came up with ARL credits that are awarded for the collaborating and feeds directly into the leaderboard at the end of every month – true League style eh!

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